Vaughn Smith

S San Francisco CA



Vaughn Smith is a concept and production cg modeler, both mechanical and organic, Mari Texture artist, Look development & particle simulation technical director for the games and Visual Effects industries. Vaughn currently works for Tippett Studios as the Model Department Supervisor. He is also an VFX Supervisor for the Animal Anatomy project, and an assistant anatomy instructor. Previous work experience also include Industrial Light and Magic, Atomic Fiction, Lightstream Animation, and other clients in the commercial and entertainment industry.


Tippett Studios -Berkeley, CA

Model Supervisor - Havoc In Heaven 2019 (Film)

Model Supervisor - Crazy Alien 2019 (Film)

Model Supervisor - XFINITY Mobile TV - Singing Jeans 2018 (Commercial)

Model Supervisor - Lego Jurassic World TV 2018 (Commercial)


Atomic Fiction- Oakland, CA

Senior Modeler - The Predator 2018 (Film)

·    Creature modeling on the Predator digital double.


Senior Modeler - Women of Marwen 2018 (Film)

·    Asset Lead for the main male and female character, Hogie and Suzette

·    Facial Shape Modeling on Suzette, Topf, Julie, Nicol, and Deja

·    Head and body modeling for several other male and female characters.



Stormcloud FX- South San Francisco, CA

Senior Hard Surface Modeler- Black Mirror 2017 (TV Series)

·    Modeled on Valdeck spaceship

·    Additional modeling on USS Calister spaceship



Industrial Light & Magic- San Francisco, CA

Creature Modeler – ILM XLab: Border Crossing 2017 (Virtual Reality Experience)

·    Modeling and Texturing for hero real-time characters for Unreal Engine 4


Creature Modeler – Kong: Skull Island 2017 (Film)

·       Giant Squid modeling and creature design


Creature Modeler – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016 (Film)

·       Corrective Shape Modeling on Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rocksteady, and Bebop


Creature Modeler/ Texture Artist- Jurassic World 2015 (Film)

·       Modeled hero Adult Triceratops

·       Modeled and textured hero Baby Triceratops


Creature Modeler/ Texture Artist - Tommorowland 2015 (Fiilm)

·       Eiffel Tower modeling and texturing

·       George Clooney digital double costume modeling

·       Robot villains digital double modeling


Creature Modeler – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (Film)

·       Corrective Shape Modeling on Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael

VFX Supervisor- Animal Anatomy Product Line 2016 -2017 (Reference Figurines)

·       Supervise Animal Anatomy team on full production process including, reference, modeling, texturing, lookdev, lighting, posing, and product output.

·       Modeling, texturing, lookdev, and output prep for Horse V1, V2, and V3 figure.


Character Artist, Concept Modeler, Look Dev, Technical Director 2012 -2015

·       Product PreVisualization Textures and Renders on 1:6th Male Anatomy Figures and Variations

·       Product PreVisualization Modeling, Texturing, and Renders, from Andrew Cawrse Designs for client Cirque du Soleil

·       Sculpted 1:6th Male Variations (Product Not Yet Released)


Anatomy Assistant Instructor- July 2012- Current

·       Anatomy critiques and demonstrations at AnatomyTools Workshops and ZBrush training to in house staff.

·       Mastering Human Anatomy with ZBrush at Blizzard Entertainment, November 2015

·       Mastering Human Anatomy with ZBrush at Valve Software, February 2014

·       Human Anatomy Workshops - Traditional Sculpting - 2012-2013


Tippett Studios- Berkeley, CA

CG Modeler/ Texture Artist- Anhui Flying Dream 2016 (Ride)

·       Model hero landmarks including Wanda Mall Interior and Exterior, Anquing Bridge, and Mother Mountain.

·       Model and texture various environment assets in each shot, such as cars, trucks, scooters, huts, and vegetation.


 CG Modeler - Monster Strike 2016 (Cinematic)

·       Model transforming hard surface wing pack for the Devil Winger

·       Model Facial Shape Library for Nephrilos and Green Smydra


Lightstream Animation Studios- Petaluma, CA

Character Modeler/ Creature Designer- The Moon and The Sun 2015 (Film)

·       Design and Model hero creature Mermaid from Iain McCaig artwork and actress Fan Bing Bing photography


Character Modeler- Witches 2011 (Film: Not Yet Released)

·       Sculpted 4 main characters from Brian Froud designs

·       Facial modeling blendshape on the Grand Witch


Simulation & Effects TD - SharkNight 2012 (Film)

·       Cloth/Skin Simulation on fish bait shots

·       Particle Simulation debris on several underwater shots


Academy of Art University- San Francisco, CA- September 2010- current

Character and Hard Surface Modeling Instructor

·       Teach undergraduate and graduate students modeling in ZBrush and Maya, focusing on Anatomy and character modeling techniques for film, cinematics, and video games.


Technical Skills

Maya: ZBrush: Mari: Vray: 3DSMax: Mudbox: Marvelous Designer: Substance Painter: Photoshop: Nuke: Traditional Sculpture: Drawing



·       1st Place Organic Modeling in Academy of Art University Spring Show 2009

·       2nd Place Organic Modeling in Academy of Art University Spring Show 2008



Academy Art University- 2005-2009

San Francisco, CA

BFA School of Animation Visual Effects, 3D Modeling